Correspondence with Vanderbilt University

The conversation between H.J.L. Stark and Charles C. Trabue, Vanderbilt University chairman games committee, was brief with just two letters.  Even with this brief conversation, it is interesting to read what transpired between H.J.L. Stark and the Vanderbilt University chairman games committee.

January 13, 1910

Letter from H.J.L. Stark to Vanderbilt University football manager inquiring about a football game in November in Austin and what guarantee could they offer.  Stark also asks what are Vanderbilt University open dates for a football game and what guarantee would Vanderbilt University give for the University of Texas to come to Nashville.

January 20, 1910

Letter from Charles C. Trabue to H.J.L. Stark stating that he regrets that it is not possible to pay the University of Texas in the fall.  Vanderbilt University's football schedule is fully made up.  Trabue thanks Stark for his invitation.

Correspondence with Vanderbilt University