Correspondence with Haskell Institute

Follow the conversation that H.J.L. Stark and Clyde McBlair, Haskell Institute athletic manager, and H.B. Peairs and H.H. Fiske, Haskell Institute Superintendents, had through letters and telegrams as they determine and negotiate for their football game on October 15, 1910, at University of Texas's Clark Field.

January 13, 1910

Letter from H.J.L. Stark to Haskell Institute football manager inquiring to see if Haskell would be interested in playing another football game with Texas in Dallas about October 15th.

January 16, 1910

Letter from H.B. Peairs, Haskell Institute superintendent, to H.J.L. Stark to inform Stark that he will be leaving Haskell and would prefer his successor, Mr. H.H. Fiske, to make the athletic contracts for next year.  Peairs also suggests Stark consider his very best cash guarantee then write Mr. Fiske on or about February 1st.

February 12, 1910

Letter from Clyde McBlair to H.J.L. Stark inquiring about a football game in Austin on either November 12th, 14th or 15th.

February 14, 1910

Letter from H.J.L. Stark to H.H. Fiske, Haskell Institute superintendent, offering a guarantee of $750.00  with the addition of a 1 1/2 cent rate for a game in Austin with a preferable date of October 15th.

February 22, 1910

Letter from Clyde McBlair to H.J.L. Stark replying to Stark's letter to Mr. Fiske on February 14th.  McBlair states that the guarantee and the date of October 15th are satisfactory to Haskell and to please forward the contracts.

ca. March or April 1910

Letter from H.J.L. Stark to Clyde McBlair enclosing contracts for their football game.

May 4, 1910

Letter from Clyde McBlair to H.J.L. Stark asking to make a few additions to the contracts for their football game -- include the town in which for the football will take place and a clause stating a later date will be arranged due to any uncontrollable accident during traveling.

May 26, 1910

Letter from H.J.L. Stark to Clyde McBlair enclosing corrected copies of the contracts.  Stark states that he is not able to add a clause about changing the date of the football game due to an accident during traveling.

May 26, 1910

The contract for the football game on October 15, 1910, between the University of Texas and Haskell Institute, enclosed with H.J.L. Stark's letter.

May 31, 1910

Letter from Clyde McBlair to H.J.L. Stark enclosing the signed contracts for their football game on October 15th. 

Correspondence with Haskell Institute