Jack Dillon

Dillon, Jack Dillon, Jack

Ernest Cutler Price, better known as Jack Dillon, was born on April 23, 1891 in Frankfort, Indiana. Dillon worked at a horse stable that housed a racehorse named Sidney Dillon, which inspired his name change. By 1908, Dillon became a professional boxer, a light heavyweight of small stature who could handle blows from the toughest heavyweights. This ability earned him the nickname “Jack the Giant Killer.”

In 1914, Dillon defeated Battling Levinsky to clench the vacant light heavyweight championship title. He defended the title until 1916, when he lost in a rematch against Levinsky. During his career, Dillon won a total of 187 fights out of 252, 66 by knockout. Dillon passed away in 1942.